In this episode, we travel from Colorado to Bemidji and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We witness heavy police activity downtown as the city is still reeling & recovering from the police murder of George Floyd.

We try floating our new foldable TuckTec kayaks but discover a major design flaw.

While trying to find the city’s gay pride festivities, we quickly realize the event organizers have put out bad event information. Total fail!

Come with us as we visit the Mall of America and experience sensory overload.

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We're Scott & Rain, a couple of 21 years. In 2018 we sold virtually everything we own, bought an RV and hit the road full-time for a completely new way of living.

We often promote nude travel and nude recreation in an ongoing effort to normalize the naturally nude human body, promote body positivity, sex-positivity, and live a full-frontal life!

We invite you to come along as we travel across North America and beyond sharing some of our life's adventures.

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