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Living a life on the fringe, we’re free to create a life full of joy & adventure. We often promote nude travel and nude recreation in an ongoing effort to normalize the naturally nude human body, promote body positivity, sex-positivity, and live a full-frontal life! 

We much prefer being nude in nature away from resorts and clubs. When we do visit nudist resorts/clubs, you’re more likely to find us out on the trails, on our bikes, or kayaks & hanging with our pups than at the pool, hot tub, or bar.

We invite you to come along as we travel across North America and beyond sharing some of our life’s adventures.


The following is an excerpt from an article published in the January 2022 issue of GoNaked Magazine.

JAN 2022 GoNaked Magazine Cover - www.GoNakedMagazine.com | www.FullFrontal.Life
We’re Coverboys!

Our names are Scott and Rain and we create videos for our travel and naturist vlog, FullFrontal.Life. After watching us on video, it may be surprising to most of you that we are introverts, and really enjoy dancing to the beat of our own drum. It’s been almost 5 years since we sold everything, and hit the road in our 30’ RV, traveling from state to state with our pups, finding nude and clothed adventures along the way.

The two of us met 22 years ago and instantly fell in love. We both bring complexities, talents, and pensiveness to our relationship. We love retreating to nature and enjoy living minimally. Individually, we are wildly different people and have learned to harness our unique strengths to propel us to the next adventure that life sends our way. Ultimately, you are watching a love story that continues to unfold.

On the unconventional side, some of you may recognize us from our work in the gay adult entertainment industry, where for the past 20+ years we have produced hundreds of scenes & operated many sites. We do not take our cues from the ‘mainstream’ adult world; we have always created what we wanted, not what was/is popular. Our business has had to pivot and change over the years, but we remain steadfast in creating fun & sexy videos for the enjoyment of our amazing viewers; many of who have been following us from day 1. We have met and interacted with some amazing people throughout the adult industry and we feel blessed to have had these experiences.

Some of you reading this will stop and judge us for our work, and that’s fine. We can only control ourselves individually and we choose not to react to people’s judgments of us. We are defined by our inner drive and not by what people think of us, nor are we defined by what we choose to do for a living; because making a living can change and we welcome any and all changes that propel us forward on our journey.

Our families are amazing and loving, and yes, they know exactly “what we do”, all of it. All who are close to us know, and we have never hidden from our creations. We are proud of ALL our work.


FullFrontal.Life was born out of our desire to share a different part of our life, outside of our adult work, highlighting our love of travel and being nude in nature. Showing our humanness, our love, removing the shame of nakedness and sexuality from our lives, and spreading joy the best way we know how.

We fully understand that we are unique, and stories like ours are likely few and far between.  We encourage people to think outside the life-boxes, which are self-imposed, and to challenge themselves toward the expansion of their souls. Our desire is that you find the Full Frontal part of your life, whatever it is, and live it!

For us, non-sexual nudity has been a vehicle for a greater understanding of our individual freedom. Once naked, in front of peers and strangers, one will start to realize that we are all just clumps of body parts and that it is the inner person/soul that makes us all special, unique, rare, and amazing beings. By shedding shame of nakedness and sexuality or really anything that makes us feel negative emotions, you gain confidence in so many other aspects of life.

Thank you for peeking in on us, we hope you enjoy our video creations. We wish all of you an amazing journey of your own and hope you’ll continue to follow our shenanigans!

Ciao for now,
Scott and RainFullFrontal.Life





OCT 14, 2023 –

JUN 05, 2023 – We did it! Our world travels have begun ✈️. First stop, Porto PT via NYC & Lisbon. New naturist & travel videos are on the way. Don’t miss a thing! For our full nudist videos, support us on Patreon & for our travel videos, subscribe to our free YouTube channel. Come along!

MAY 16, 2023 – Today we put our RV, which has served as our home for the past 5 yrs, in storage. Then we’re off to sell our 4×4 Adventure Van. All new destinations ✈️ very soon. Come along!

MAY 14, 2023 – We’re about two weeks away from starting our world travels ✈️🌍 Look for a couple more travel videos in the next week or so and then our updates will be near real-time again…

MAR 07, 2023 – We listened & DOWNLOADS HAVE ARRIVED! On each video’s page, current supporters (Level SPF20+) will now find a download link for the full-length HD video.

MAR 06, 2023 – Current supporters can now view full-length videos (up to 4K) right here on our website (just below the video preview). You no longer need to view from within the Patreon interface which can be a bit clunky.

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