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We change from an Eastern Bloc-style apartment to a modern condo in northern Bucharest. We loved it.

We explored the subway (Metro) and became fascinated by the graffiti trains, both inside and out.

We stumbled upon Bazilescu Park and were intrigued by the hundreds and hundreds of trash cans space every 25–30 feet. Very strange!

We head to Băneasa Shopping City and we visit Sara Green Vegan Bistro several times.

We rent a car and quickly discover driving in Romania is not for the faint of heart…
Next up: More from Romania. We take our rental car to Brasov and do some exploring in the mountains of Romania.

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00:00 – Intro
00:46 – New Modern Airbnb
03:10 – Walking a Bucharest Neighborhood
04:02 – Carrefour Hypermart
04:57 – Really Strange Park
07:13 – Graffiti Trains
12:22 – BΔƒneasa Shopping City
14:00 – Sara Green Vegan Bistro
16:14 – The Metro Again
17:18 – Renting & Driving a Car in Romania
18:58 – Sara Green Vegan Food Truck
20:40 – Talk About Heading to Brasov

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OCT 14, 2023 –

JUN 05, 2023 – We did it! Our world travels have begun ✈️. First stop, Porto PT via NYC & Lisbon. New naturist & travel videos are on the way. Don’t miss a thing! For our full nudist videos, support us on Patreon & for our travel videos, subscribe to our free YouTube channel. Come along!

MAY 16, 2023 – Today we put our RV, which has served as our home for the past 5 yrs, in storage. Then we’re off to sell our 4×4 Adventure Van. All new destinations ✈️ very soon. Come along!

MAY 14, 2023 – We’re about two weeks away from starting our world travels ✈️🌍 Look for a couple more travel videos in the next week or so and then our updates will be near real-time again…

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