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This video can serve as what not to do when renting a car in Romania… Our advice, do not use an off-brand car rental company. We used Addcar in Bucharest, Romania. They almost left us stranded with a faulty car. In the end, after much back and forth and us not backing down, they fixed the car and we are on our way… It shouldn’t be that difficult.

In this video we also hike into Brasov from our Airbnb rental and have lunch at a plant-based/vegan restaurant called Vegasmo. We also briefly touch on tipping / gratuity etiquette in Romania.

All Music and SFX Licensed through AL
License Number 3790677

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Bucharest to Brasov
01:10 – Brasov Airbnb
01:39 – Hike to Brasov
02:52 – Arriving in Brasov
04:00 – Vegasmo Plant-Based Restaurant
04:44 – Tipping Culture
05:57 – Push Start Car
07:22 – Larger than Expected
09:02 -Sketchy Car Rental Co
11:42 – Car Repaired
12:25 – Next Time…

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