Note: Nudist-friendly video coming soon! (No blurring)

We head to southern Montana, Big Sky Country to a naturist campground/club, Club33… A bit rustic & perfect for clothing-optional recreation.

This was shot in the summer of 2020. The club was pretty new and a work-in-progress. It’s a good location and is on its way to being something really special. We hope to visit again soon to see the changes. If you’ve visited recently, let us know about your time there.


We promote nude recreation and travel. Get out there and be free!

IMAGE GALLERY Note: Nudist-friendly images coming soon! (No blurring)


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  • Why do you censor? Being a nudist there’s no reason to hide anything. Especially when this is on your own website. I can’t wait to go to a nudist resort for my first time someday. Unfortunately my wife isn’t into it like I am and getting her to go is a long time coming.


We're Scott & Rain, a couple of 21 years. In 2018 we sold virtually everything we own, bought an RV and hit the road full-time for a completely new way of living.

We often promote nude travel and nude recreation in an ongoing effort to normalize the naturally nude human body, promote body positivity, sex-positivity, and live a full-frontal life!

We invite you to come along as we travel across North America and beyond sharing some of our life's adventures.

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