We head to the Midwest and run in our first clothing-optional 5K race at Turtle Lake Nudist Resort in Michigan.

After a tornado scare, we explore a trailhead and take a nice clothes-free hike. We end up on a public dirt road where we continue our exploration.

Note: All content filmed where simple non-sexual nudity is permitted by law and in locations with little to no public use. We never aim to surprise or shock but rather to normalize the naturally nude body as part of the human experience.




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  • Hi
    Thank you for sharing your life with us. Most people think that nudism/naturism is very popular here in Brazil. But it’s not yet! I have been trying to experience nudism but I don’t have many places to go. We have very few naturist beaches, very few naturist clubs, and I don’t have a like-minded partner. So it’s not easy for me.
    But your content is an inspiration. I am also a gay man and it makes me feel good to see couples like you. You are beautiful and good people.
    I would love to have some beer or coffee and have a conversation with you some day. Who knows what the future holds.
    Wish you the best.
    Greetings from Rio/Brazil

  • Hi guys,
    I must admit, I am a little envious.
    I get out and hike naked, sometimes ride my bike naked, and occasionally go to nice clothing optional hot springs, and live mostly naked at home. There are times I would love to say fuck it, buy an RV and just go!
    I think you two have a great thing going, I’m glad you are sharing your experiences.

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