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Before leaving the San Diego area we head to the beach a few more times. We strip our clothes and ride bikes along the entire stretch of Black’s Beach.


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  • Great video. Have been to Black’s Beach a couple of times and it is a cool place to be nude. First time discovered that the climb up and down was quite an effort in the hot sun. Second time, took a better pace with lots of cold water and all was fine. Liberating to be nude and also admire the nudity. Watching your video brought back good memories., especially the more exciting segments. Thanks.

  • Hey guys look like you had a great time. And a few times it got a bit exciting on the beach! Would if you shared that more as well or is that a different site?

    Be safe in your adventures and keep sharing!!

  • Hi Guys! I ENVY you that you’re able to do this and travel across the country! Hope you BOTH have a GREAT time and enjoy the scenery (there’s LOTS of it out there) together! I look forward to more content to view! Stay safe and PLEASE BE CAREFUL with that naughty virus out there!



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