LOCATION: Spruce Hollow Campground near Mesick, Michigan

We share our observations and let you decide for yourself whether Spruce Hollow Campground in Michigan is a swinger/sex club or not. In any case, we were treated horribly for simply being a gay couple and we share other observations that do not align with legit naturist/nudist organizations they so proudly display affiliation with. More to come…



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  • Hello guys, I am not surprise about the bad reaction of some people’s but life must go on 😉 .
    May I ask a question?, do you “gain” some money from those videos?, it must be a long job to do this.
    Sorry for my English, I am French speaking from quebec so..
    Thank you so much to share your time with us.

    • Remi, thanks for the message. Yes, quite a bit of time and effort goes into creating most of our videos. As of right now, we do not earn compensation from our FFL videos or the FFL site. We’ve had a lot of people message asking how they can support our site/videos. Very soon, we’ll have an easy way for those who wish to contribute to the site which will help ensure we can continue creating naturist/nudist content.

    • Kevin, Maybe check the video player volume level. Depending on the device, it can be separate from the main device/system volume control. Hope that helps!

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