We depart the desert near Joshua Tree National Park and head to New Mexico for some relaxation at one of our favorite hot springs, the somewhat nudist-friendly Faywood Hot Springs Resort. We explore some of the surrounding hiking trails and discover a really cool star chair.

After a great stay, we head into Texas where we’re welcomed with a great big breakdown in the middle of nowhere along the Mexican border. This happened at the very beginning of the “Texas Freeze” that shut down much of the state for days. We struggle to find help and after sitting the entire day on the side of the road we finally get on our way…

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  • I stumbled on your vlog just recently – and absolutely enjoy it!

    I lead a men’s nudist/naturist group here called BallsOUT!

    I’ve shared your videos with my guys and the larger community that has formed around GoNaked magazine.

    These posts are entertaining and inspiring during this Covid period.

    Thank you and keep on trekking!

    • Thanks for the kind words. We’ve been having fun with these videos. We travel full-time and will be sharing lots more.

      We’ve been trying to include some sort of nudist activity in each video. At least whenever possible that is.