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More fun without clothes. Preparing for a naturist hike… We shot this just prior to touring the swinger/sex club we accidentally stayed at. lol! Check out that video here.

We promote nude recreation and travel. Get out there and be free!

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  • This is wonderful to feel free and open to fresh air. I love being nude and wish I could be more often. The nude body is a beautiful thing.

  • Other tips for a nude hike: choose shaded areas! Trees are your friends. Bring a gallon of water for a full day. Don’t drink coffee, as caffeine will dehydrate you. Horseflies are not deterred by repellent, so consider using a towel to chase these away from your skin. The same towel can be used as shade over your neck and shoulders. Try hiking early in the morning, or later in the afternoon. Last but not least: remember to carry bear spray, not just for bears but also for cougars / mountain lions. You never know when you might need it…

    • Thank you for the advice, especially about bear spray.
      I guess I have been lucky because in the past when I have been nude hiking with friends in the national forests, there have been no problems . . . only when hikers wearing clothes made a rude comment. It is a free country.




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