Enjoying the beauty of Big Sur California before being attacked by dog ticks!


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  • My sweet friends! NEVER walk in tall grass like that without first putting insect repellant like the stuff made for deep-forest hiking! (Deet) Ticks wait on the top of the grass blades with their front legs outstretched just WAITING to grab onto you!! After hiking, ALWAYS check for ticks! I live in east-central Pennsylvania and back in the late 90’s, I unknowingly got a deer tick on my back and got a bite from it. After waiting two weeks and wondering what this itchy “bulls eye” lump was, the doctor told me she was 80% sure it was from a deer tick and I had to take doxycyline to get rid of any Lyme disease that was in me! BE CAREFUL PLEASE! WEAR LONG PANTS AND TUCK THE CUFFS INTO YOUR HIKING SHOES/BOOTS, ETC. Check yourself once you get home for any ticks!! Check out this clip on how ticks attach to you!